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Brent Simpson

Brent Simpson is a serial entrepreneur, internationally sought after speaker & growth strategist, creative problem solver, venture capitalist, sales trainer, and negotiations specialist. He loves working with entrepreneurs who have turned their passion into a business, but realize they need additional executive level brainpower. Making decisions on who to hire/fire, what platforms to market on, how to engage clients, when to expand, how to add to revenue streams into the business can be overwhelming. Brent makes these decisions seem like second nature, while also making sure his entrepreneurs have a road map to success. Once while representing a Client Brent was able to help them turn a respectable 80% ROI on the product they were selling to 125% ROI.  That is a 35% increase per unit sold.  He has also been able to take a networking organization in the Nation’s Capital from 400 registered members to well over 5,000 by helping them reevaluate their Value Proposition and Ideal Member Profile.  He has consulted at Vayner X in Manhattan, NY for one of Gary Vaynerchuk’s companies. Additionally, he has helped numerous speakers find their passion and realize their full potential.

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